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Constitutional Review Committee


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The Constitutional Review Committee is a body which is established in terms of Addendum J2 of the Student Parliament Constitution. This is an independent body established under Student Parliament and is established to facilitate the Student Parliament Constitutional Amendment process. Please refer to 'Chapter 3: Commencement, repeal and amendment process' of the Student Parliament Constitution for a detailed exposition of the committees functions and duties.

CRC Mandate & Procedure .pdf

An extraordinary Sitting will be scheduled in which every stakeholder of Student Parliament is encouraged to attend. 

Please be on the lookout for the announcement on our Instagram​ and Facebook pages.

Useful documents: 

The Student Parliament Constitution 2014

Student Parliament Constitution.pdf

The Student Constitution 2018

SU Student Constitution 2018.pdf

The next CRC meeting will be 21 October at 17h00 in the SRC Boardroom. All registered students are welcome to attend. Please email the Deputy Speaker External (Secretary-General) on if you wish to make a suggestion or proposal at the meeting. 

Minute​s​​ of CRC meetings:

​Please be involved in the CRC amendment process. Email all input to .

Meeting One

22 August 2019.docx

Meeting Two

26 August 2019.docx

Meeting Three

8 October 2019.docx

Meeting Four​​

14 October 2019.docx

Meeting Five​​

18 October 2019.docx

Meeting Six

21 October 2019.docx

Provisional Addendum O -Edited.docx



These are proposed documents to be included in review process pertaining to the new draft of the Constitution. They are neither fina​lised nor approved. 

Please email regarding any input you may have

Provisional Addendum O.docx

Provisional Addendum P.docx