Our services and projects

Our operations give expression to the values of Stellenbosch University, namely excellence, accountability, respect, equity and compassion. Our services and projects include:

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Strategy planning and management

Strategy planning and management entails providing strategy development support to the University’s executive management with regards to the institutional vision and strategy. This currently includes visually rolling out the vision and strategy on campus and facilitating values workshops.

We are also responsible for centrally coordinating, facilitating and managing the annual planning processes for the development of the institutional plan with campus counterparts at all levels across the University. This includes developing the framework for responsibility centre and faculty environment plans, consolidating these plans into an institutional plan and developing the annual institutional report for the Department of Higher Education and Training.

Finally, we are tasked with implementing a framework to ensure optimal integration and alignment of the strategy with other internal processes, e.g. annual environment plans, the budget process and resource plans.

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Project and portfolio management

We provide project and portfolio management for strategic projects. This includes identifying strategic initiatives to deliver on the institutional strategic framework, as well as comprehensive project and programme planning and management of key strategic projects and programmes that may develop from strategic planning across the institution.
Our notable projects include:

  • the Centenary initiative, which took place in 2018 to celebrate Stellenbosch University’s first 100 years of learning, growing and moving forward together,
  • the development of Vision 2040 and the Strategic Framework 2019–2024
  • The creation of a Code of Conduct, which we plan to complete by the end of 2021.
    In our Vision 2040 and the Strategic Framework 2019–2024, Stellenbosch University committed itself to the values of excellence, compassion, accountability, respect and equity. We are currently drafting a Code of Conduct to ensure that these values guide our actions and behaviour. The Code of Conduct will be written within a values-driven context, rather than a rules-driven context. Stakeholders will be actively included in the process in order for them to take co-ownership of the Code.
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Managing the SU Strategic Fund

The SU Strategic Fund focuses on initiatives that are directly aligned with the vision, mission and core strategic themes of the University, as contained in Vision 2040 and the Strategic Framework 2019–2024. Funds are allocated in respect of the six core strategic themes of the University and the associated institutional goals.

The Division for Strategic Initiatives houses both the secretariat and process manager for the Fund and therefore takes responsibility for its management and administration. In this way the division assists the University’s management in aligning strategic funding with the University’s strategic goals.

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Monitoring and evaluating

The Division for Strategic Initiatives currently monitors the SU Strategic Fund. In future, our monitoring and evaluating function will also extend to include the execution of the University’s institutional strategic framework, including analysing and reviewing the strategic framework in terms of lessons learnt along the way.

We will also support and monitor key strategic projects and programmes that have developed from strategic planning and that has been allocated to the division.

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Change enablement and management

We are currently developing a change enablement and change management framework for the University which will be applicable to projects of various sizes.

change enablement.jpg The change enablement framework will focus on empowering people to manage change and the impact thereof.
change management.jpg The change management framework will focus on managing the change process for a specific situation or project.

In addition, the Division for Strategic Initiatives plan to establish an institutional community of practice for change enablement and management, which will allow us to optimise change processes and structures across the institution.