2 APRIL 2022 – 1 APRIL 2026

(listed in alphabetical order)


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​Dr Job Shipululo Amupanda

Stellenbosch University is renowned for its Internationalization prowess. This must be maintained and enhanced further. Its impact in Africa is well-established and the university must now compete worldwide. The university must think global (internationalization) and act local (transformation). As a Council member, I will endeavor to make a significant contribution in this area.


​Prof Joan Hambidge

My mission statement entails the support and expansion of a multilingual university (as the logo already states) and recognition of different cultures within a complex continent. Decolonisation of the curricula within an African context implies a revisiting of knowledge and should not be seen as a lowering of standards. Only if we recognise the unique nature of our history we will be able to become a world class university. The unique history of the Afrikaans language, with European and African roots, for instance, is something we can offer. I will prioritise gender rights, for instance gay- and feminisms within the Academe.

​Jason Hamilton

I want to ensure that SU builds on it's rich history and strong academic capability to meaningfully contribute to South Africa's and the continents development and position SU as the leading voice reaching across borders and uniting various ecosystems while promoting diversity and inclusion.

As a qualified accountant and experienced board member, having served on various public and private committees over the past 20 years, I am to leverage my background in finance and strategy, coupled with my passion and work in corporate governance and education to drive and influence this vision.

​Willem Albertus Liebenberg

I commit myself to the following regarding Stellenbosch University:
1. Excellence, merit, fairness, righteousness, transparency, non-racialism and equal opportunities to tertiary education;
2. Participatory, transparent and accountable leadership to the benefit of the academic society;
3. Increased access to tertiary education in Afrikaans and English;
4. Expansion of the role of Stellenbosch University in the public domain and funding by SU Alumni.

​Sussan Malima

As Director for HRD within the SA Government for 25 years, I served in various governance structures and portfolios in the Public & Private sectors for 15 years. I desire to selflessly give back to the University for it to effectively achieve its vision and mission. I work closely with local and international universities in initial and continuing education, training and development. This provided me a profound opportunity to comprehensively understand and conduct general governance & oversight in the business of Universities. My success is grounded in professionalism, integrity,accountability, transparency, diversity, quality, excellence, ethical standards,impact conscious & selflessness.

​Adv Jan Johannes (Jean) Meiring

The evidence to hand suggests that SU is better than it itself appears to realize. Perhaps this diffidence is a typically South African form of bashfulness. Council’s biggest challenge is to place SU firmly and confidently on the international stage – without, of course, losing sight of the immediate South African reality; rather, to achieve world-class stature and excellence precisely through taking the local wholly seriously.

This all might be achieved only if SU remains (and becomes) an open intellectual space, true to the essence of what a university should be.

​Dr Leon Schreiber

Stand up for a new language dispensation that recognises Afrikaans as a fully-fledged indigenous language with status equal to English, and that is meaningfully committed to the elevation of Xhosa to an academic language. Stand up for an end to the diminution of Afrikaans to mere decoration and a new dispensation where all students – including Afrikaans-speaking students, are regarded as assets rather than obstacles.

​Pieter Swart

The US needs innovative strategic direction to comply with the requirements of the 4th Industrial revolution. I which to contribute my skills, knowledge and attitude in an equitable way, creating alternative ways of thinking to address the social and knowledge challenges of South Africa.

​Cobus (JHJ) van Dyk

As a father of two toddlers, it's my commitment to ensure that twenty years from now, there will be a university in this country that can provide world-class and relevant training to all. That the university is managed in accordance with values and principles I want my children to aspire to. I am motivated to be involved to ensure that the university is open, transparent, responsible and accountable. It would be an honour to have the opportunity to contribute to that ideal.

Dr Ronel Retief


Stellenbosch University