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NSFAS Means Test

The means test is a tool that attempts to accountably calculate the own contribution that may be expected from the student's family on the grounds of the gross annual income (before any deductions) of the family. The maximum financial support the student will receive (or qualify for) is determined once the expected family contribution (the EFC) is calculated.

The following parameters are used in the means test calculations:

   Annual income

    Family's joint gross income, plus any other sources of income such as rental income, interest on investment(s),              alimony in the case of divorced parents, etc.


    2.1 Tax (calculated according to the South African Revenue Service (SARS) scales)

    2.2 Annual allocation for general household maintenance and personal allocations for every member of the family             (calculated according to NSFAS household consumer index tables, which vary between provinces)

         The allocation for meals and private lodging is similar to that for a student residing in an SU residence, while the          allocation for books for 2018 is R5 000.

        ​​​The outcome of the NSFAS Means Test determines the amount of the financial award.​

Note that all students from quintile 1,2 and 3 schools and families who are depended on social grants, are exempted form the means test and will qualify for NSFAS-funding. All other students will be means tested to determine their financial need.