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About Vesta

Vesta is PSO created and established in 2008. The Phoenix being the emblem of the house represents the continuous growth and passion. A phoenix can never die and will always rise again, no matter how tough the times seem. Vesta is a place where everyone from every background will feel welcome and right at home. “From the Ashes we Rise, in the Flames we Grow”.

Vesta's vision and mission

The purpose Vesta strives for can be summed up in one sentence: Vesta, is a family rooted in a unique way, to influence and connect a community, and it should be accessible and well recognised over campus. To put it all together: we are united in a way that allows all members to grow in a personal way, but we will always be there when you want to get back to your comfort zone.

Vesta's values

General manners for those around you. Not gender specific, but a social and moral code, on treating others well and being a good person.
Loyalty to your friends, people who share your beliefs and yourself. Not blind loyalty, where you mindlessly follow. Instead a loyalty that comes from wanting to help  people and ensure that you do what you can to help them succeed.
Respect is simple, it boils down to treating people how you would want to be treated.

The history of Vesta

Vesta was established in 2008 and has been growing ever since. Vesta has become ripe in tradition since 2008, but these secrets will all come to light as soon as you join the family.

Activities and offerings

Do you fear not having the opportunity to play all of the sport you want to? Well if you come to Vesta you are covered. Although Vesta is a “young” PSO we participate at the highest levels of Sports and Culture. We are the only PSO playing in the highest hockey league, our members form part of the PSO Barbarian rugby teams and our soccer team also participates in the top division. Although we seem sporty we love culture, Vesta participates in all of the big culture event on campus be this Molasse Sêr or the real Sêr. Although the above has been mentioned there are many thing that could be included like Table Tennis, Chess, Basketball and many more.

Mentorship offered by Vesta

Vesta has handpicked a group of Vestonians that will act as mentors in the coming year. These mentors will help the incoming group of students to bridge the gap between high school and university life. This is not the only function of a mentor; all of them are trained to ensure the newcomers arriving in Stellenbosch are given the opportunity to grow in all aspects of life. Some mentors can also assist academically. Although all newcomers will be allocated a mentor on their first day of Orientation week, there is also a House Committee. The House Committee better known on campus as the HK will play a major role in your growth on campus these are usually seniors that have been on campus a few years now. So when you doubt anything they would also be there to act as a mentor.


Vesta's Primarius

Jacques Rossouw

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PSO Coordinator: Lisinda de Jager

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