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About Venustia

Venustia is a PSO which aims to embody our motto; beauty through strength. This motto is represented by our symbol the majestic Swan. We hope to create a blossoming environment that for all those who find themselves apart of Venustia will feel comfortable enough to develop in.

Venustia's vision and mission

Our vision in Venustia is to create a space of safety and sustainability. An area where diversity can be celebrated. We wish to engage with the communities around us and give back to those in need. We hope to be a welcoming first impression to those new to the University and a constant warm environment throughout the year.

Venustia's values


The history of Venustia

Venustia was established in 2008 making us one of the younger PSOs recognized by the university. We were established as a sister house to our brother house, Pieke. Due to the young nature of our PSO we love to thrive in the ability to experience both new ideas and ways of thinking.

Activities and offerings

We offer a range of both cultural and sports activities as well as many recreational activities that can be participated in throughout the year. We hope to offer a sisterhood as well as a home away from home. Where Venustia is we hope comfort follows.

Mentorship offered by Venustia

Our group of trained mentors are an important part of our Venustia. They are there to ensure the well-being of our New Swans and appear as not only a guide, but one of the new Swan’s first friends within the University.

Venustia's Primaria


Aneri de Clerk

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PSO Coordinator: Jethro Georgiades

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