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About Olympus

Olympus PSO is the product of many discussions regarding the role of PSOs on Stellenbosch Campus. It was created with a very specific set of goals in mind and embodies embodies a philosophy of the engaged student.

Olympus' vision and mission

Olympus PSO follows three values that we hope every student will adopt in their own way to make a difference on campus, in South Africa and as a global citizen.

All Olympus activities, members, functions and events are geared towards ensuring that students involved within our student community have the most complete student experience. From the House Committee (HK) and mentors all the way to our new members, Olympians are engaged in many on-campus initiatives and roles.

Olympus' values

Critically Engaged and Aware
Individuality within the Community

The history of Olympus

Olympus received its first students in 2012 and is quickly growing into one of the largest and most well-recognised houses on campus.

Activities and offerings

Olympus is multifaceted and we strive towards developing our Olympians holistically. Below are our various portfolios and activities that they offer.
Sports captain committee, sports outreach day, PSO hockey, rugby and soccer.
Toneelfees, Ser, culture committee, Olympus week, heritage braai.
Branding, seniors and alumni:
Seniors Committee, photography, videography and editing committee, events for seniors and alumni.
Welcoming, huisdans and woman empowerment:
Huisdans, Huisfondsdans and skakels (socials with other residences and PSO’s), Womans Day tea and woman empowerment events.
Leadership, critical engagement and cluster:
Emerging leaders, cluster day and cluster events throughout the year.
Social impact:
social outreach day, social impact committee (interact) which goes to AF Louw school to play with the children there. We also have trip for freedom which is an annual event over a weekend where we do social outreach activities such as visiting child welfare, Stellenbosch hospice and volunteering at Animal Welfare. Lastly we have Jool Tour where we go camping for a weekend and do social outreach activities.

Mentorship offered by Olympus

Our mentor system provides a support platform to our newcomers in order to help with their transition from highschool to university. The newcomers get to choose their mentors in order to ensure the best experience for them and the mentors provide the newcomers with information on various events, keeping them informed on anything of importance. Our mentors and mentees meet up several times throughout the year to check up on their wellbeing, how they are coping academically or even just a coffee break if they are feeling overwhelmed.

Olympus' Primaria


Meagen Turley

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PSO Coordinator: Jethro Georgiades

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