About Equité

A PSO is a private student organisation. A “private student” is a student who does not live in a university residence, but rather in a flat or at home or any other form of private accommodation. All PSOs and residences are then grouped in clusters according to location. There are 7 clusters in total and Equité forms part of the AmaMaties Cluster. Equité PSO was formed in 2009 and is one that continuously works on growth and development .

Equité's vision and mission

Equité is a platform for generations of strong, capable individuals who are provided with opportunities for personal development, self-expression and mutual growth. We foster an environment that encourages unity while respecting one’s individuality. We strive for our members to feel empowered and supported through the co-curricular experience.

Equité's values

Love, Passion, Perseverance, Respect and Sisterhood.

The history of Equité

Established in 2009, we have developed over time to become a space that is open to growth that aligns with the ever changing South African landscape.

Activities and offering

  • Sport – Hockey, Netball, Virtual Gaming, Board games, Soccer
  • Culture – Acapella, Cultural appreciation, Language courses, Drama
  • Leadership development opportunities
  • Critical engagements
  • Socials
  • Occupational interactions
  • Networking
  • Academic support structures
  • Community collaborations

Mentorship offered by Equité

We currently have 16 who are chosen as per a rigorous process in order to ensure the best suited for the newcomers. Their purpose is to provide a comfortable, inclusive and resourceful environment that extends beyond the welcoming week.  Equité’s mentorship is based off of the BeWell system where the program is facilitated by the mentors who guide the newcomers on the dimensions of wellness.


Equité's Primaria


Kamryn Smith

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Equitè's Welcoming Booklet 

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