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About Aristea

Aristea PSO is a community of students who aspire to being value-driven and holistic individuals. Our members are students who make use of private accommodation (flats, student housing, private residences in Stellenbosch or commuting students). Aristea provides the academic, emotional, social and cultural support that students in residence receive, and we strive to let every Aristea member (“Arrie”) reach their full potential.

During Welcoming, we aim to let every newcomer feel welcome and at home to make the transition into university life easier. We also strive for this sense of belonging throughout the year with all of our members.

Aristea forms part of the Wimbledon cluster, which has a HUB on campus that our students can make use of throughout the year. We will also be spending most of our time at the Wimbledon HUB during welcoming and have an open-door policy throughout the year. The HUB is a great space to socialize, study, rest, buy food and practice their skills. The Aristea Office is also in the Wimbledon HUB on the second floor.

Aristea offers different kinds of activities for our newcomers during welcoming to aid them in getting to know their way around campus, other students, academic help and the mentoring program, and learning more about Aristea. We also aim to welcome our seniors back to university with a seniors welcoming program that we run parallel to the newcomer welcoming program. We also offer various different in-house events and activities for our members to get to know each other and share experiences with people who share their interests. We consider each and every member of the house to be equal and we strive to make everyone feel included and a part of this wonderful sisterhood.

Aristea's vision and mission

Our purpose is not just to offer a welcoming program for our newcomers. We also strive to create diverse and inclusive activities, events and opportunities throughout the year to ensure that each Arrie have an equal opportunity to grow to their fullest potential. We aim to provide academic, social, emotional and intellectual support to each Arrie. We pride ourselves on being approachable and inclusive to each individual of Aristea. We are a value driven house which means that we plan everything according to our values that’s chosen by the house in the beginning of each year. Aristea is more than just committees and HK’s – we strive to use feedback we receive from the house to better Aristea on a regular basis. We aim to provide the perfect balance for student that stay private between social and academics.

Aristea's values


“A feeling or understanding that someone or something is important and should be treated in an appropriate way.”

Aristea strives to respect the opinions, actions, input and presence of every member of the house and thus we treat this value with the utmost importance.


“Easy to talk to or deal with; able to be reached or approached.”

Aristea strives to be accessible to newcomers, seniors and other members of the house. We have an open-door policy whereby we encourage any house members to come and ask questions frequently. Aristea also aims to be friendly and accessible during welcoming so that every newcomer will feel at home within the PSO.


“The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles”

Aristea aims to apply integrity in all aspects and tasks. The leaders of Aristea strive to be ethically correct, to fulfil promises, to acknowledge when they are at fault and to act fairly during decision-making and completing tasks.


“A duty or task that you are required or expected to do; something that you should do because it is morally right”

Aristea takes full responsibility for every decision made by the leadership of the house as well as any consequences that may arise. In addition, each member has the responsibility to inform Aristea's leadership if they experience any unhappiness or discomfort with any Aristea-related matter.



“The quality that makes one person different from all others”

Aristea strives to take every aspect of individuality into consideration when planning our events, functions and various different activities. The members of the house have the freedom to express themselves and be involved in anything they identify with. Each member has the right to express their views to ensure that Aristea improves individuality further in the future. Every member of the house contributes in their unique way to what Aristea is.

The history of Aristea

Aristea was the first and therefore the oldest Women’s PSO on Stellenbosch University campus. Aristea PSO was established in 1973 and we strive to be “Women of Mind and Heart” in every aspect.

Activities and offerings

  • Critical Engagement
  • Social Interactions
  • Safety Awareness Sessions
  • House Dance
  • “Huisfonds”-Dance
  • Senior Welcoming
  • Senior Events
  • Newcomer Welcoming
  • Newcomer Dance (First Years’ Dance)
  • Aristea Weeks 1 and 2 (variety of events)
  • Women Empowerment
  • Leadership Development
  • KKNK Tour
  • Connect Tour
  • House Meetings
  • SAVE Initiative
  • First Years Day
  • Committee Activities
  • Academic Support
  • Mentoring Opportunities
  • House Bondings
  • Sport (netball, hockey, table tennis, etc)
  • Culture (A Capella, molassesêr, US Toneelfees, debating, culture evenings, talent showcases)
  • Motivational talks

Mentorship offered by Aristea

During welcoming all of the newcomers will be divided into different mentor groups according to their different faculties. Each group will then have a mentor that will help them to get to all of their academic responsibilities and also to make sure they get to the rest of the program. Our mentors receives training to ensure that they can provide the best possible support for our newcomers. We try to build a bond between the newcomers, HK and mentors on the first day so that each newcomer has the courage to ask us anything if they feel uncertain or confused. After welcoming the newcomers will stay on their allocated WhatsApp groups to ensure that they receive all the information regarding events, campus related activities and also other information throughout the year. Each mentor will also have sessions with their mentees during the year to catch up and debrief about Aristea as well as their personal lives.

Aristea offers the opportunity to all our members to apply to be a mentor for a group of newcomers, and we pride ourselves in the success of our mentoring in Aristea.


Aristea's Primaria


Megan Groenewald

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PSO Coordinator: Lisinda de Jager

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