Roughly 500 senior students are appointed each year to accompany first year students in their learning journey. According to this system, each first year student is linked with a seniors student who helps him/her to integrate his/her learning experience (academically, socially and institutionally) and to strive towards ultimate success. This ultimate success is mainly on a social and communal level, aiming to inhibit the stresses of a new home, a new space and a new community which could add to what could be a stressful start of an academic career.

Mentor (n). an experienced and trusted adviser.

Our Mentors are advisers, leaders and here to help you. Their goal is to facilitate and guide each and every first year of this university to fit into their larger community of clusters, PSO's and residences. The adjustment of a new home, a new space and a new community can be stressful on top of starting a new academic career. Our mentors are here for you to facilitate the transition and adjustments University holds, and to make it as easy, exciting and stress free as possible. We are here to support you and make you feel at home- away from home.