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Auxins 2017https://www.sun.ac.za/english/Lists/notices/DispForm.aspx?ID=1086Auxins 2017<p>The name of this project "Auxin" comes from Greek (auxano) and means "to grow".  The Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL) started this project to accomplish their task of supporting SU academics in their teaching responsibilities.</p><p>The dates of the planned Auxins for 2017 is as follows:</p><p>28 March</p><p>18 April</p><p>30 May</p><p>25 July</p><p>29 August</p><p>26 September</p><p>The specific title and focus will be posted three weeks prior to the event. Resources will be made available after the Auxin.</p><p>Website:  <a href="/english/learning-teaching/ctl/professional-learning-opportunities-for-t-l/auxin">http://www.sun.ac.za/english/learning-teaching/ctl/professional-learning-opportunities-for-t-l/auxin</a></p>
SoTL conference: Closing date for abstract submissions extended to 19 Augusthttps://www.sun.ac.za/english/Lists/notices/DispForm.aspx?ID=1183SoTL conference: Closing date for abstract submissions extended to 19 August<p>​​​The 10<sup>th</sup> annual Stellenbosch University <strong>Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) conference</strong> will take place from <strong>24 to 25 October 2017</strong> at the Lord Charles Hotel in Somerset West. This will be a special occasion where we will celebrate and reflect on the past 10 years, while also considering the way forward for the next 10 years. <strong>Pre-conference workshops</strong> will take place on <strong>23 October 2017</strong> at the Lord Charles Hotel as well. The details of the workshops are available on the conference website at <a href="http://www0.sun.ac.za/sotl/worshops/">http://www0.sun.ac.za/sotl/worshops/</a> . <br></p><p>We invite you to come and share your experiences of trying out something new or innovative in your teaching or assessment practice. Did it work or not? Perhaps you've conducted a large-scale needs analysis related to your teaching or you've discovered something interesting when analysing the results of your students' assessment! Have you conducted research on your teaching or assessment or perhaps you have some new ideas that you would like to discuss? Have you worked collaboratively with other colleagues in your department, faculty, or even across disciplines, to interrogate a teaching-related aspect? Are you a recipient of FIRLT funding; are you a SU teaching fellow; or have you received the national HELTASA award for Teaching Excellence before? Come and share your passion, your news, your results and your scholarly reflection with us in a <strong>presentation</strong>, a <strong>panel</strong> or as a <strong>poster</strong>, so that we can all learn together and make teaching at SU the best it can be.<br></p><p>Other important details are as follows:<br></p><ul><li>The conference website is live and abstracts can be uploaded at: <a href="http://www0.sun.ac.za/sotl/abstracts/">http://www0.sun.ac.za/sotl/abstracts/</a></li><li>The closing date for abstract submission is uitgestel na <strong>19 August 2017</strong>. Should you need assistance with preparing your abstract, please feel free to contact the CTL advisor in your faculty. </li><li>Registrations for the conference, as well as the pre-conference workshops, can be done at <a href="http://www0.sun.ac.za/sotl/registrations/">http://www0.sun.ac.za/sotl/registrations/</a> . Registrations close on <strong>2 October 2017</strong>. There are no fees required for SU personnel.</li><li>The keynote speakers are: </li><ul><li><strong>Dr Antoinette van der Merwe </strong>(Senior Director: Division for Learning and Teaching Enhancement, Stellenbosch University);</li><li><strong>Prof Brenda Leibowitz</strong> (Chair: Teaching and Learning, University of Johannesburg); and </li><li><strong>Prof Francois Cilliers</strong> (Associate Professor & Director, Education Development Unit, University of Cape Town).</li></ul></ul><p>We would like to encourage you to attend and participate in the 2017 conference as it serves as a platform to reflect on, debate and celebrate teaching and learning at our University. </p><p> <br></p><p>​<br></p>