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Faculty-based Work

​​​​T&L Hubs

The nature of the service that each advisor provides to faculties, differs from one faculty to another, and is negotiated in consultation with the deputy dean T&L (or equivalent) in each faculty. One point of commonality across this faculty-based work, however, is the establishing of T&L hubs in faculties. The faculty T&L hub is an important mechanism to promote good teaching and to create a critical mass of academics with a particular focus on the issue of T&L. It has a central focus on teaching that generates interest, energy, guidance and leadership. The T&L hub takes on various forms, depending on the context of the particular faculty. The T&L hubs initiate, coordinate and promote regular activities that foster interest and faculty development in scholarly teaching.​​


Consultations and class visits

CTL staff members do class visits upon request. Lecturers may request a class visit from the CTL advisor in their faculty, and may do so repeatedly to maximise the value of this growth opportunity.

The class visit is followed by a discussion and written report, detailing from an appreciative perspective 1) the strengths of the lecture and lecturer, and 2) possible changes that could enhance both teaching and learning. The report is regarded as confidential by CTL and is submitted to the lecturer only. However, the latter may utilise it for purposes of his/her choice. CTL regards class visits as a privilege and an opportunity to build relationships with academic staff.

Lecturer consultations regarding general teaching and learning support and planning a workshop for a department/faculty also take place upon request.

Lecturers are also encouraged to invite their colleagues to sit in their classes. Research has shown reciprocal peer observations and feedback discussions to be valuable professional learning opportunities.

Please contact the CTL advisor in your faculty should you wish to request a class visit or workshop:

CTL advisors in faculties

Faculty Advisor  E-mail Extension
AgriSciences Charmaine van der Merwe


Arts and Social Sciences Karin Cattell-Holdenkcattell@sun.ac.za3074 / 9617
Economic and Management Sciences Gert Young gyoung@sun.ac.za4937​
Education Anthea Jacobs jacobsa@sun.ac.za9258
Engineering (PREDAC)

Karin Wolff


​Mbali Mohlakoana​
Law Claudia Swart claudias2@sun.ac.za4502
Medicine and Health Sciences Gerda Dullaartgdullaart@sun.ac.za


Military Science (PREDAC)

Nicoline Herman 



Science Hanelie Adendorff hja@sun.ac.za9191
Theology Jean Farmerjeanlee@sun.ac.za​2956​