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Wellness_program_252x150_team2.jpgOur Purpose

To strive towards attaining “Team Stellenbosch” which signifies a personnel corp that continuously feels part of the core business of  Stellenbosch University (SU). To experience work and life as meaningful and important, to enjoy recognition and be characterized by our positive involvement within the SU community.​


Our vision

To have a well balanced workforce who are able to function optimally in an enabling, caring and supportive work environment.

Our Mission

We strive to improve the health and well-being of our staff by providing accessible, effective and professional services to all through health promotion, assistance and support.​

Wellness Defined

“…..a conscious and continuous process of holistic self-development based on personally determined goals for well-being and leading towards the enhancement of individual, organizational and community health and well-being” – Van Lingen & De Jager, 2003

Dimensions of Wellness

Within the context of SU, the Wellness Committee has identified and emphasized the following dimensions of wellness as focus areas for staff wellness.

Social Wellness

The ability to interact successfully with people and one’s environment.  Social health is the ability to develop and maintain intimacy with others and to have respect and tolerance  for those with different opinions and beliefs.

Physical Wellness

A healthy body is maintained by good nutrition, regular exercise, avoiding harmful habits (like smoking or using drugs) and making informed decisions about health.  Physical wellness is also the ability to carry out daily tasks, develop cardiovascular fitness, maintaining proper body fat levels.

Emotional Wellness

The ability to understand your own feelings, accept your limitations, the ability to control the stress levels and express emotions appropriately and comfortably.  Emotional health is the ability to recognize and accept feelings and not be defeated by setbacks and failures, to view difficult situations as challenges and opportunities for growth.

Intellectual Wellness

The ability to learn and use information effectively for personal, family and career development.  Intellectual wellness is the striving for continued growth and learning to deal with new challenges effectively.

Spiritual Wellness

The belief in some force that unites human beings . The force includes nature, science, religion or higher power.  It also includes morals, values and ethics. It provides meaning and direction in life and enables a person to grow, learn and meet challenges. Optimal spirituality is your ability to discover, articulate and act on your basic purpose in life.  From a wellness perspective, spirituality is the quest for a higher quality of life. – Anspaugh, DJ et al (1997)

Financial Wellness

The ability to understand your financial situation and having the insight and knowledge to take care of your financial obligations as well as being able  to deal with and be prepared for changes.  This also includes making the right financial choices given all options.

Employee Wellness Program Information

For further information about what is available to staff, please click here.