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The Institute of Theoretical Physics (originally named Institute of Theoretical Nuclear Physics) was founded in 1984 with the support of the Nuclear Development Corporation of South Africa. The fundamental objectives of the Institute are to undertake research projects in theoretical physics, to assist in the education of graduate students and to provide a centre for the development and co-ordination of activities in theoretical physics in the Physics Department and elsewhere.

Our research activities cover a wide spectrum and include the study of:
  • solitons in field theory,
  • quantum phase transition and exceptional points,
  • gauge theories,
  • complex systems,
  • statistical physics of polymers and biopolymer systems,
  • correlations and fluctuations in hardonic and nuclear collisions and
  • cascades and multifractals in fully developed turbulence.
The activities of the Institute of Theoretical Physics are closely linked to those of the National Institute for Theoretical Physics (NITheP).

You can download the Theory Brochure here.
You can also visit the Theory Website by clicking here.