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CAF CT Scanner Facility monthly training courses

The aim of these courses are to provide an easy introduction to using CT for your research or industrial application – providing insight into how it works and how you can best make use of it. It helps you to think of new ways of approaching your topic and helps to really understand what is possible. The training is split into 4 blocks/courses – any or all of these can be done, once per month over two days (4 hrs per course). Cost: R2000 per person per course.

For bookings, please email Muofhe ( or book on the form here: 

  1. Basic “Introduction to CT” – morning session – first weekday of the month
  2. Basic “3D data visualization” – afternoon – first weekday of the month
  3. Advanced courses – 2nd weekday of the month – morning is theory and presentation/discussion
  4. Advanced courses – 2nd weekday of the month – afternoon is practical scanning and image analysis

April = Engineering

May = Geosciences

June = 3D printing and additive manufacturing

July = Biological applications

August = Engineering

September = Geosciences

October = 3D printing and additive manufacturing

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