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ICP Equipment

​​The laser ablation ICP-MS division has 2 Resolution 193nm Excimer lasers that can be interfaced with a Thermo Element 2 SF ICP-MS for U-(Th)-Pb isotope ratio measurements in mostly zircon and monazite, with the purpose of dating specific geological events, or interfaced with an Agilent Q ICP-MS or QQQ ICP-MS to measure in-situ or whole rock trace elements.

 One of the lasers interfaced to the Agilent Q ICP-MS, measuring trace elements and REE's in whole rock fusions using 100µm ablation craters.

Thermo E2 SF ICP-MS

 Setting up the E2 for U-(Th)-Pb measurements in a sample of mounted zircon grains.

Riana busy connecting the sample introduction parts of the QQQ ICP-MS after cleaning.

 The Solution ICP-MS division has an Agilent 7900 Q ICP-MS and Thermo ICap 6200 ICP-AES to measure major, trace and ultra-trace elements in water and beverage samples, as well as digested plant, food and meat samples. The laboratory air is HEPA filtered and kept under positive pressure to ensure a trace clean working environment.

The autosampler for the ICP-MS is kept in a Class 100 laminar flow bench to minimise contamination of the samples while being analysed.

 Thermo ICap for major element analysis

 The Vario EL Cube Elemental Analyzer from Elementar can measure C, H, N & S in a variety of samples, including soil, pharmaceutical, animal tissue, food & bio-fuel, with sample sizes from 1mg to ~ 1g.

Fusion fluxer

 – sample preparation for XRF analysis on fusion disks

 Microwave digester

– sample preparation for ICP analysis of solutions

Panalytical Axios WDXRF spectrometer.

Microwave digester

– sample preparation for ICP analysis of solutions