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About Us

​Wh​o we are

Twenty years ago, a passionate scientist started a laboratory where people could bring samples to get analysed. What started as a small lab has grown to ten different divisions with a variety of equipment in each lab. For that scientist, it was all about research. He wanted to make the world a better place. He used research to make lives and products better. And this is still what it is all about.

What we do

We give you advice about your analytical techniques, we analyse your samples and we train you to work on the equipment and do your own analyses.


​The GC-MS laboratory partnered with Thalès Wine Cellar Services (Pty) Ltd as a service provider for the analysis of releasable haloanisoles and halophenols ​​in corks, wood, wines and water. Cornea Cilliers (Thales Services (Pty) LTD), Lucky Mokwena (CAF-GCMS Lab), Jacqueline van Wyk (Thales Services (Pty) LTD) William Arries (CAF-GCMS Lab) and Lindani Kotobe (CAF-GCMS Lab).
​Dr Emma Rocke and colleagues from the University of Cape Town looks at ocean water samples with Dr Dalene de Swardt, the operator of the equipment at the Fluorescence Microscopy unit.
​Students and researchers getting equipped at a workshop presented by the DNA Sequencer unit.


Meet our managers

Prof Gary Stevens


Fransien Kamper

Financial Manager


Dr Alex Doruyter


Node for Infection Imaging 

(PET-CT Scanner)


Dr Janine Colling


Node for Soil and Water 


Prof Anton du Plessis

CT Scanner

Mr Carel van Heerden

DNA Sequencer

Madelaine Frazenburg

(acting manager)

Electron Microscopy

Mrs Lize Engelbrecht

Fluorescence Microscopy

Dr John Cockcroft


Mrs Riana Rossouw


Prof Marietjie Stander

Mass Spectrometry

Dr Jaco Brandt

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

Dr Janine Colling

Vibrational Spectroscopy

Work with us

​We welcome students, researchers and business people.

Who we work with

Stellenbosch University, the National Research Foundation and the Department of Science and Technology are our partners. Their valuable support makes us excel.