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Research Briefs

  1. ​​​​​​SIGLA plans a series of one-pager Research Briefs on leadership, maritime and landward security governance and cyber security to commence by end of March 2018.
  2. Scheduled to publish one brief every two months.
  3. Template
  4. Some of the briefs will appear in The Conversation​ as well if found to be of mutual interest.
  5. First Brief by Prof Christian Bueger (Cardiff Universi​ty) and viting Research Fellow to SIGLA. (Maritime impact of the civil war in Yemen) - March 2018
  6. Second Brief by Prof Hussei​n Solomon (Free State University) and Research Fellow to SIGLA. (Terrorism and counter-terrorism in Africa) - March 2018
  7. Third Brief by Prof Thomas M​andrup (Extraordinary Professor, SIGLA). (AU and the African Standby Force) - April 2018
  8. Forthcoming Fourth Brief by Lt Gen (Hon) (Dr) Flip Jacobs (Extraordinary Lecturer, Faculty of Military Science). (Counter terrorism legislation) - May 2018
Research Briefs
Brief 1 - March 2018 : Prof C. Bueger, Cardiff University
Brief 2 - March 2018 : Prof H. Solomon, Free State University​​
Brief 3​ - April 2018 : Prof T. Mandrup, SIGLA