Medicine and Health Sciences
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Campus facilities

Campus facilities are excellent and include amongst others the following.

Tygerberg Student Centre

The Tygerberg Student Centre enhances an out-of-class experience. It houses various facilities that includes a cafeteria and Van Schaik bookstore.

Sport facilities

Sport facilities on campus provide for tennis, rugby, hockey, cricket and soccer as well as netball, squash, rock climbing and swimming. The Tygerberg Gymnasium caters for the health and fitness needs of the students on Tygerberg campus.

Simulation and Clinical Skills Unit (Clinical Skills Centre)

The unit is an academic support facility where resources are used to assist students to reach competency in the psychomotor and affective outcomes of the different curricula present of the Faculty of Health Sciences. These outcomes include skills in communication, clinical examination methods and procedures. Read more...

Medical Morphology Museum

The Medical Morphology Museum offers an extensive series of exhibits for the professional development of our Faculty's Medical and Allied Health Sciences students. The museum is also open to the public to be inspired by its collections and exhibitions. At the core of the Museum's education efforts is a programme for school groups visiting the museum. There are over 1300 specimens on display and new exhibits are regularly incorporated.  


The Medicine and Health Sciences Library is one of five branch libraries of the SU Library and Information Service and is situated in the Education Building of the Faculty. The library serves primarily, the researchers, lecturers, staff and registered students of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, but also other client categories. The library contributes to the mission of the Library and Information Service by providing a world-class and innovative information service and learning spaces to primarily the Tygerberg campus community. Read more...

Computer centres

The Faculty of  Medicine and Health Sciences Computer Users Area (FHSCUA) offer students access to the university network and internet through a dedicated computer users area opposite the library. An computer area for the postgraduate students working in the Tygerberg Hospital gives full access to the university network and internet 24/7 without the students having to walk through to the faculty.​



The faculty currently offers accommodation for undergraduate and international undergraduate elective students. There is also a lodge, situated in the Tygerberg Student Centre, that offers additional accommodation.​