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​​​​​Department of Psychiatry

​​​​​​​​​​MMed Psych programme and Research Accomplishments - 2020

​​​​Passed MMed Part I Examination:


Completed MMed (Psych) Research Project:

  • Mohamed Jebril Benelmokhtar: In adult patients with First Episode Schizophrenia, who are stable at 2 year follow-up, what are the factors associated with ongoing engagement with first-line treatment compared to those who are no longer engaging with follow-up​. Supervisor Prof Laila Asmal​​.
  • Henmar Botha: Profile of New Beginning Patients​. Supervisors Prof Ulla Botha and ​Prof Liezl Koen.
  • Jean-Marie le Roux: ​​HIV in female patients at Stikland​​. Supervisors​ Prof Liezl Koen and Dr Lina Groenewald.
  • Mahomed Emsail Paruk: Cyberbullying Perpetration and Victimization among adolescent psychiatric patients in South Africa​. Supervisor Dr Rene Nassen.
  • Anthea Payne: Burnout and Job Satisfaction- Nursing Staff in a South African acute mental health setting​. Supervisor Dr Inge Smit and Prof Liezl Koen.

​Article Publications​​​:

  • Anthea Payne, Liezl Koen, Daniel J. H. Niehaus, ​Inge Marli-Smit. Burnout and job satisfaction of nursing staff in a South African accute mental health setting.​​​​ S Afr J Psychiat. 2020;26(0), a1454.​​
  • Henmar F. Botha, Liezl Koen, Daniel J. H. Niehaus, Yanga Vava, Karis Moxley, Ulla Botha. Demographic and clinical profile of patients utilising a transitional care intervention in the Western Cape, South Africa. S Afr J Psychiat. 2020;26(0), a1523. sajpsychiatry.v26i0.1523.

​​Passed MMed Part II Examination: