​​Centre for Health Professions Education

Strengthening Teaching & Learning 


Individualised Workshops


The CHPE often receive invitations from within the faculty, related to development of educational skills. Amongst these are:


Writing of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ's) workshops were presented to:

  • Division of Physiology
  • Department of Anaesthesiology and Critical Care 

 The CHPE have also helped departments to design and plan for OSCE's. ​

In previous years we supported the following departments:

Dept of Surgery:

  • Support for research supervision of registrars

Dept of Paediatrics:

  • Writing multiple choice questions (MCQs):
  • Curriculum Design: a blueprint for teaching and learning

Dept of Internal Medicine:

  • MCQ writing presentation
  • MediClinic Durbanville - clinical supervision course for Physicians

Division of Orthopaedics: 

  • OSCE standard setting

Bioethics theory: 

  • Review of assessment

Centre for Evidence-based Health Care:

  • Teaching Evidence-based Health Care in the clinical context

Division of Interdisciplinary Health Sciences:

  • Strategic planning: Rehabilitation Reference Group


 In addition, numerous ad hoc workshops were offered on request:

  • MCQ writing workshops x 5
  • Registrars-as-teachers x 2
  • Teaching Evidence-based health care in the clinical context for the Centre for Evidence-based Health Care
  • Occupational Therapy Faculty development: The traits of Generation Y students.
  • Physiotherapy Faculty Development: The challenges of teaching to Generation Y students
  • Physiotherapy students: Time management and successful study behaviour.  
  • Pre-doctoral academy: Department of Interdisciplinary Health Sciences (module on scientific writing)
  • Article writing
  • Scientific writing

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