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Formal Short Courses


Teaching in the Health Professions

This short course, previously known as the "Introduction to Teaching in the Health Professions", is registered both as a short course and for CPD points. The course was designed on the basis of taking participants through a curriculum design cycle from understanding the current situation of our learners, through learning, teaching and assessment to reflection. We took a practical approach, keeping theoretical input to a minimum. Many members of CHPE staff are involved as well as other clinicians who we identified as having an interest in education.

It was presented again in the first semester this year, with 44 participants from various departments within the faculty, as well as clinicians on the platform where students rotate.  Below, Prof Susan van Schalkwyk is facilitating a brainstorm activity. ​



Registrar as Teacher       

The "Registrars as Teachers" short course is developed for all appointed registrars, but allow participation from all clinicians. It is a three-hour practical course in clinical teaching, based on the clinical supervision course designed by Eilze Archer. It is accredited for 3 CPD points.

Although Heads of Departments and Divisions are still invited to send newly appointed registrars on the course, it is available to all clinicians, and can be adapted to serve the needs of individual departments.

Below is Prof Ben van Heerden, explaining the context of the MBChB curriculum. ​



Contact Mrs Lorraine Louw (lhl@sun.ac.za) to discuss and arrange a session.