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​​Postgraduate Studies

The degrees Master in Audiology and Master in Speech-language Therapy are 100% research degrees. This means that only a thesis is required and no additional course work modules. However, based on your prior knowledge and experience as well as your choice of research method, it may be recommended that you complete a short course on a particular approach to research, for instance the short courses in Epidemiology or Qualitative Research Methods offered within the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences. The cost of attending such a short course will be over and above your regular study fees.

The thesis reports on a substantial piece of original research that is independently completed by the student under the guidance of an appointed supervisor(s). The topic is selected in consultation with the postgraduate programme coordinator of the Division Speech-Language Therapy and a supervisor appointed by the postgraduate programme committee.

The final mark for the Master's degree shall be determined on the basis of the thesis and of an oral presentation. (Please see 'Provisions/ Guidelines for Thesis of Masters Study' listed under Documents on the webpage of the Doctoral Office).

Please note that the Master's degrees themselves do not lead to registration with the Health Professions Council of South Africa and thus a licence to practice Speech-Language Therapy or Audiology in South Africa. The degrees are merely research degrees.

International students can find more information on the University's webpage for international students as well as on the webpage of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences' International Office​.


Admission Criteria 

For the Master in Speech-Language Therapy

The four-year Bachelor's degree in Speech-Language Therapy from Stellenbosch University, or a four-year Bachelor's degree in Speech-Language Therapy from another accredited university, or an equivalent qualification as approved by Senate.​

For the Master in Audiology
A four-year Bachelor’s degree in Audiology from an accredited university, or an equivalent qualification as approved by Senate.

Only a limited number of students will be admitted each year. Factors that are considered in the admission of students are their academic record (marks in the undergraduate degree); prior research experience; their prior learning and experience in the field of the proposed research topic; as well as the expertise and capacity available to supervise the proposed research within the Division.


Application procedure and closing date

Apply online at www.maties.com​ by 30 September of the previous year. Applications for prospective international students close on 31 August.

Click here to view the research focus areas of potential supervisors.

As part of the application the following documentation needs to be submitted to the Postgraduate Programme Coordinator:

  1. An abridged curriculum vitae (academic and personal), in which the applicant provides the particulars of her qualifications;
  2. A summary research proposal not exceeding five pages specifying or containing the following:
    • the proposed place of research;
    • the topic and the scope of the proposed research: a concise literature review; the purpose of the proposed research and/or statement(s) of the research question or hypothesis(/es) to be investigated; the participant selection criteria and selection procedure; the materials and data collection and analysis procedures; projected results, where possible; a brief description of the originality of the proposed research and of the contribution the proposed research is likely to make to existing knowledge in the area concerned;
    • the ethics of the research; and
    • the budget and sources of funding.

Candidates experiencing difficulties with the compilation, format and formal organisation of the protocol should approach the Postgraduate Programme Coordinator for assistance.

The postgraduate programme coordinator is Dr Berna Gerber. You can contact her via email at berna@sun.ac.za or telephonically at +27 21 928 9526.



Once a candidate has applied and the relevant postgraduate programme committee has approved her proposal, she will be allowed to register for the Master's degree. Registration takes place through the Faculty Office.

The contact person is Ms Vanessa Joseph: vbj@sun.ac.za.


Registration dates

First semester: January to March

Second semester: June to July

Please note that ALL research projects for master's studies MUST obtain ethical approval from the Committee for Human Research BEFORE the project may begin.



The Stellenbosch University website offers information to prospective students on the cost of programmes offered.

Click here for more information on fees.  

Click here if you would like to generate a statement of provisional fees.

If you experience problems with this service, or have any fees enquiries, please contact Ms Lesanne Matthee via email at lm@sun.ac.za or telephonically at +27 21 938 9208


Further information

More information about 100% research Master's degrees can be found on the website of the Doctoral office​. Make sure to click on the 'Useful links' and 'Documents' buttons. ​​