TB Genomics
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​​​​​​​TB Genomics​


Charnay.png Charnay van der Merwe

Project title: Undetected Isoniazid Mono Resistance in Rural Eastern Cape Province - a risk for the emergence of multidrug-resistant TB.





 Amy Steinhobel

Project title: Transmission of bedaquiline resistance in the Western Cape province, South Africa





Christian OtumChristian.png

Project title: Genetic manipulation of mycobacterial strains using various techniques to determine the role of specific mutations associated with drug resistance

Leeré Scott 

Overexpression of mmpS5/mmpL5 efflux pump in Mycobacterium tuberculosis  reduces susceptibility to second-line anti-tuberculosis drugs



Astrid Paulse 

Project Title: Resistance to the novel nitroimidaoxazine drug class in Mycobacterium tuberculosis