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Katharina Ronacher

Associate Professor

Katharina Ronacher completed her undergraduate studies and obtained an MSc degree from the University of Vienna, Austria, in 1999 followed by a PhD degree from the University of Cape Town in 2003. After her post-doctoral training Katharina joined the SUN-IRG as Senior Researcher in 2006 and currently researches the interplay between the endocrine and the immune system in the context of TB. She focuses in particular on the link between TB and type 2 diabetes and has recently been awarded a 5 year NIH RO1 grant to investigate whether the endocrine dysregulation during type 2 diabetes contributes to increased risk of TB. Additionally Katharina works together with Prof Gerhard Walzl in the TB biomarker field. She is an NRF rated scientist and registered with the HPCSA as Medical Biological Scientist (Immunology and Biochemistry).

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