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​​​​​Medicine Research Laboratories​

The Medicine Research team

The expansion of our division to include an experimental pharmacology team is an exciting recent development. The Medicine Research team is truly multi-disciplinary, with academics from different backgrounds in health sciences, including pharmacology and physiology. Although this unit is still in its infancy, having been established in 2021, staff members are established researchers and supervisors with an impressive collective skills set.

Our main focus areas are:

  • Identification of cellular and molecular therapeutic targets
  • Drug discovery and repurposing
  • Pharmacovigilance
  • Student training​
  • Science communication​

Postgraduate programmes 


BSc Honours in Pharmacology 

The Division of Pharmacology offers a BSc Honours course which covers the basic principles of Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics, Pharmacology of Systems, Drug Discovery and Development, Analytical Pharmacology theory and techniques, Models for Disease Pathophysiology Studies, Toxicology, Proteomics and Biostatistics. 

The aim of this program is to provide a platform for students wishing to continue with a research-based Masters degree in Pharmacology or who wish to pursue a career in industry.  

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For queries, please contact Dr Tracy Kellermann​.


MSc in Pharmacology 

The Division of Pharmacology offers an MSc through one of two routes:

  • A research Masters degree, primarily for students who have completed an Honours in Pharmacology or closely related discipline.
  • A Masters degree by coursework (50%) and a research project (50%).  This course is for students who have not completed an Honours in Pharmacology.  The coursework component will consist of the Honours in Pharmacology coursework described above, followed by a research-based dissertation.

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For queries, please contact Prof Carine Smith.


PhD in Pharmacology

The Division of Pharmacology offers a PhD degree which is obtained through research and dissertation.  The research is focused on the multi-disciplinary field of Pharmacology, and can encompass topics from pre-clinical drug development, to analytical clinical pharmacology and toxicology.  

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For queries, please contact Prof Carine Smith​.