Anatomy and Histology
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Division of Clinical Anatomy

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The Division of Clinical Anatomy is responsible for all the undergraduate anatomy and histology teaching of the MBChB degree programme. This involves approximately 1200 contact sessions of anatomy teaching per year carried out by 5 full-time lecturers. In the MBChB I academic year, our Division is involved with the Life Forms and Functions of Clinical Relevance course that takes place in the first semester. This module serves as a general introduction to biology, anatomy and basic medical sciences. During the second year of the MBChB program we teach the anatomy and histology components of the Respiratory, Cardiovascular, Gastrointestinal, Urogenital, Endocrine and Reproductive modules. In the MBChB III academic year, the Division is responsible for the anatomy and histology component in the Neurosciences, Musculoskeletal and Haematology modules. The Division also manages extensive practical teaching on cadavers in these modules.