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Masters Students

The following table contains a list of students who were registered for Masters studies in the Department of Business Management for 2014.


Student​​Masters Title
Annika BerningSustainable supply chain engagement in a retail environment: the case of Woolworths' key food suppliers.
Tian BesterComparing the five main annuity options offered at retirement in South Africa.
Wessel CraffordThe relationship between directors' remuneration and financial performance of firms: An investigation into south african JSE-listed industrial firms between 2002-2010.
Caitlin GrobbelaarThe Impact of Feedback Source and Message Content on Donor Responses in a Non-Profit Marketing Context.
Xanri HaakWhat's in a name: An assessment of the relationship between individuals' personality and brand personality.
Nina LouwA systematic review and synthesis of research and practice: Linking organisations' strategic plans with a shared vision for a sustainable future.
Samantha MitchellEnvironmental, Social and Corporate Governance Reporting Among JSE-Listed and International Metals and Mining Companies.
Matthew SmitA communications approach to building brand personality: The influence of celebrity gender, communications appeal and product type.     
Iris VlokThe drivers of viral communication: An exploratory study.
Izel VorsterA neurophysiological perspective on the use of audio branding in television advertising.
Gerrit MaraisThe difference between real estate price determinants of an emerging market and a developed country.
Wihan LateganA study of university students' alcohol related behaviour: a consumer behaviour perspective.