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Lucky the Hero & Lucky the Fish


​​​What is Lucky, the Hero! all about?

The 30-minute play Lucky the Hero!, the first production of the Educational Theatre Company, is full of facts, humour and emotional impact. It is presented in Afrikaans and English, and mostly as a combination of both.​

​This mini-musical traces the journey of a young man, Lucky, who becomes aware of his risky behaviour through information given on a radio programme. He takes the brave step to be tested and then has to face the consequences. After revealing his status to his best friend, who gossips the information to the whole community, he is ostracised.From factual information given to him as an anonymous caller on a radio station, he gains the self-assurance that his life still has great value. He disguises himself as Captain AIDS fighter and informs the community about the disease and changes their thinking.His intervention on several aspects of sexual behaviour with community members becomes the catalyst to gain his acceptance back into the community. Through his enterprise he and the community realise the preventative facts, truths and outcomes so much so that all are convinced they will survive the epidemic.​

The initial target audiences were farms in the greater Stellenbosch area, where HIV and AIDS knowledge levels were very low and where illiteracy and geographical isolation provides additional problems. Having been trained as peer educators, the actors can also be instrumental in being role models, in promoting positive living and in eradicating the stigma that is still associated with HIV and AIDS.In addition to this, the play was written in such a way that it includes monitoring and evaluation protocol, so that its effect and success as an educational tool can be measured. It is indeed a cost-effective, efficient tool to arouse the necessary commitment to those who view this professional presentation. More than 250,000 people have been reached by Lucky the Hero across the country. Feedback shows that the production has impactive value, generates behaviour change and is greatly entertaining. In general, people are better informed after viewing and interacting, completing the monitoring and evaluation protocol, therefore; more motivated to test for HIV and become pro-active about HIV and AIDS related matters.​

What is Lucky Fish all about?​

 Lucky Fish is set in the fictitious West Coast town of Snoekhoek Bay.  Lucky Fish Factory is owned and managed by Mr. Tiger Fish and Mrs. Fish (who is also his personal assistant) . After receiving Lucky Fish Factory’s annual report showing a major downturn in sales, the wife suggests the help of Ms. Coral Reef, the new human resources manager, to explain why the company is in recession. When Ms. Reef identifies HIV/AIDS as one of the main contributing factors to the slump, Mr. Fish chases her out of his office not believing her.  But when Saul, a long time factory worker at Lucky Fish Factory, tests positive for HIV and confronts Mr. Fish by disclosing his HIV status to him, it becomes clear that HIV is a reality in the workplace and needs to be addressed urgently. Subsequently, a Break the Silence concert is organized, which will  forever change how HIV/AIDS and other issues are viewed in Snoekhoek Bay.​​

​With “Tuna Turner” and “Mackerel Jackson” performing in this energetic cast, this 35-minute production, is filled with humour and toe tapping music. It was written by actress/writer Vicky Davis and produced and directed by Prof Jimmie Earl Perry, UNAIDS Special Goodwill Ambassador to South Africa and he is the Director of Educational Theatre/Creative Arts at the Africa Centre for HIV/AIDS Management at Stellenbosch University.  It is an influential intervention tool to empower employers and employees alike about successfully managing HIV/AIDS in their workplace.  While still providing the essential facts about the disease, it is indeed a show not to be missed!

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