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Welcome to the Africa Centre for HIV/AIDS Manage​ment​​


The Africa Centre for HIV/AIDS Management focusses on education, research, and community service related to HIV and AIDS management in the world of work. The Centre offers the most comprehensive postgraduate training programmes on HIV and AIDS management in the world, with students from more than 40 countries successfully completing these programmes over the last 17 years.

The Centre's diploma and degree programmes are endorsed by many international agencies. The Postgraduate Diploma in the Management of HIV and AIDS (PgDip) is designed for people who need the skills to develop and manage programmes related to HIV and AIDS. On successful completion of the PgDip, this qualification can lead to a Mphil degree and then a PhD.    ​

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The Africa Centre​ welcomes the new Research/teaching assistants joining us in September 2019

  1. (Ms) Masibulele Sishuba (with Masters in Public Health), assisting part-time in research projects at the Centre
  2. (Ms) Antoniette Kuboya (Social worker with Masters in HIV/AIDS management). She is assisting us part-time in a current research project and supporting adhoc with students who are struggling with their research projects.
  3. (Ms) Tantaswa Ndlelana is a Social Justice activists from Gugulethu's Movement for Change and Social Justice. She is assisting in the UNAIDS/Africa Centre research project.​

Keeping it in the family – Mother and Son graduate PgDip and Mphil together

Shireen Strauss and her son, Aidan, both recently successfully completed theirimage1.png Mphil degree and PgDip in HIV/AIDS Management. This Namibian mother and son combination received their respective qualifications at the recent April 2019 graduation ceremony of Stellenbosch University.  

Shireen, who already holds multiple qualifications including a Bphil in Sustainable Development, works in international development and for PEPFAR. She says that the MPhil HIV/AIDS Management has given her indispensable knowledge and confidence to interact and relate to the epidemic as a development professional.  Says Shireen, “the qualification can open so many doors. If you choose your research study judiciously and purposefully, it can indeed give you a career boost." Most importantly, Shireen says that she learnt that in order to make a meaningful contribution to the attainment of epidemic control, a sustainable response to HIV/AIDS in people-focused development is best accomplished through a trilateral approach, involving government, private sector and civil society. “This is what the degree equips you with."

According to Aidan, his mom was his inspritation because she did so well in her studies at the Centre. Aidan, who also holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Biomedical Science apart from the recently obtained PGDip, is currently pursuing the Mphil in HIV/AIDS Management and hope to graduate in March 2020. Says Aidan, “I actually enjoy studying at the Centre, and look forward to the rest of the year as my MPhil research project unfolds".  Aidan's personal goal to be where it matters and making a difference in people's lives. “I believe that my research or the profession that I will eventually choose, will hopefully enhance this goal.  The HIV/AIDS epidemic robs the planet of its most valuable resource….the people, therefore saving lives is at the forefront of a development strategy; and I want to be part of it".

The Africa Centre wishes these two excellent scholars all the best for their current and future academic endeavours!  


Africa Centre Mphil students shine at the 9th SAAIDS Conference

The Africa Centre for HIV/AIDS Management had a record number of accepted presentations forIMG_20190613_094104.jpg the recent 9th SA AIDS Conference held from 11-14 June 2019 at the Durban ICC. In total, five ex-Mphil students' research outputs were accepted: Four students were accepted to do oral presentations and one student was accepted to do a poster presentation. The oral presentations were: Mr Tsepo Mako (“The success and failures of PrEP-the perspective of discordant couples at Lesotho Defence Force"), Ms Monica Mutetwa (“An explorative study into shortages and understaffing of professional medical staff: A case study at Bonda Mission Hospital, Zimbabwe), Ms Mandu Mguli (“The Blesser-Blessee Phenomenon and HIV: The perceptions and attitudes of young women on the factors that influence their peers to engage in inter-generational sexual relationships in Mofolo Central and Dube Townships"), and Ms Refiloe Ntoi (“The importance of task-shifting in the management of HIV and AIDS as understood by nursing students at the Nursing & Primary Health Care Institute in Durban, South Africa"). Ms Juliane Kum's research (“Reducing HIV related stigma and increasing access to voluntary counseling and testing") was accepted for a poster presentation.IMG-20190614-WA0007.jpg

Says, Mr Tsepo Mako (pictured) about his experience at the conference, “Being part of this event was a moment to cherish over an over again. The reception from registration to the speakers' room was fantastic. When the time came for my presentation, the chair gave a very colourful introduction about me and this gave me a lot of courage to present my research findings. I felt so humbled by being on that stage and I got to appreciate how far I have grown academically". Tsepo, who excelled during his presentation, says that the conference was an eye opener to him and that he will forever be thankful to have been a part of it. Well done to Tsepo and fellow Mphil students!




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