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Prof Mark Tomlinson

Tomlinson is currently an Professor in the Department of Psychology.  His scholarly work has involved a diverse range of topics that have in common an interest in factors that contribute to infant and child development in contexts of high adversity and how best to prevent compromised development in these contexts. He has completed epidemiological work investigating the association between postpartum depression and the mother-infant relationship, and the impact of postpartum depression on infant and child development.  He has a particular interest in maternal health and infant and child development in conditions of high social adversity, as well as developing community based prevention programmes. Tomlinson has completed randomised controlled trial to improve the quality of the mother-infant relationship, reducing alcohol use, reducing HIV/TB, improving maternal mental state and improving the nutritional status of women, and preventing mother to child transmission of HIV and reducing neonatal death. Recently, he has begun to focus on the health system challenges of scaling up services for infants and children.


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