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Why should you study philosophy?

Nationally and internationally there is a growing recognition of the value of Philosophy as a tool for intellectual development. Philosophy provides an unparalleled opportunity to acquire essential intellectual skills, such as the ability to analyse and apply concepts, the ability to interpret difficult texts, and the ability to think critically and creatively about institutions and a range of issues, including morality, politics, art, science, technology and religion. Employers throughout the world are coming to the realisation that the ideal employee is the person with the ability to think independently, critically and creatively and are placing more emphasis on these skills over and above more specific career requirements. The value of philosophy is further enhanced by the fact that in future, people will change careers more often,  requiring the intellectualmobility and generic skills typically provided by a training in Philosophy. 

A philosophical education is an excellent preparation for any career in which one will encounter problems relating to concepts and ideas (which would be virtually any career). The primary value of Philosophy lies in developing our analytical and critical skills. It is also a valuable tool for those involved in interdisciplinary and methodological research and in ethically oriented reflection. Ex-students of our department currently hold positions in such diverse fields as journalism, business, diplomatic service, law, the church, the SABC, the state information service and as researchers with institutions involved in social research. ​