General Linguistics
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General Linguistics 318 & 348


General Linguistics 318 & 348 are two advanced linguistics semester modules.  These modules deal with theoretical concepts and mechanisms in modern theories of language structure (syntax and morphology), with specific focus on the analysis of empirical phenomena relating to word and sentence structure in languages belonging to various families; fundamental principles, key concepts and research methods employed in various areas of applied linguistics, including (critical) discourse analysis, psycholinguistics, and language planning and language policy; and capita selecta which contribute to the realisation of the outcomes of the modules (e.g. variation in language, language origin, language change, sociolinguistics, language acquisition, intercultural communication).

There are four lecture periods per week:

  • Monday 11:00 
  • Wednesday 10:00 
  • Thursday 14:00 
  • Friday 08:00 

Language specification

The Department is committed to the principle of multilingualism without exclusion as set out in the Faculty's language implementation plan.

  • Lectures are presented in English. Where practical, support to ensure access to course content, lecture material and activities is provided in Afrikaans (e.g. Power Point slides, lecture notes, terminology lists, electronic documents on SUNLearn, etc.);
  • In tests, exams, assignments and other assessment opportunities, students may use English or Afrikaans; assignments, question papers and assessment guidelines are provided in English and Afrikaans.


  • The Department follows a system of continuous assessment for General Linguistics 318 & 348. This means that the marks which a student earns for every test, assignment and other set task throughout the semester constitute the student's final mark.
  • There are no formal examinations and no opportunity for a re-assessment. The system of continuous assessment demands that a student meets all the set requirements throughout the semester. A student who does not meet all the set requirements will not be awarded a final mark.