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2018 Cohort

2018_Student Profile Photo_ANTHONIE.jpgALEXA NICOLE ANTHONIE

Home country:        South Africa
Year of enrolment:  2018
Department:            General Linguistics
Supervisor:              Dr Marcelyn Oostendorp
Dissertation title:    Investigating the potential of heteroglossic teaching and learning practices in an underrepresented higher education setting: a case study of a South African technical and vocational education and training college

2018_Student Profile Photo_ASANTE.jpg


Home country:        Ghana
PANGeA partner:     University of Ghana
Year of enrolment:  2018
Department:            Ancient Cultures
Supervisor:              Prof Philip Bosman
Dissertation title:    A rereading of the position of women in Plato's ideal state through the lens of Kwame Gyekye's moderate communitarianism

2018_Student Profile Photo_FAFOWORA.jpg


Home country:        Nigeria
Year of enrolment:   2018
Department:            Journalism
Supervisor:              Prof Lizette Rabe
Dissertation title:    Media construction and representation of women in political leadership positions: a case study of female politicians in Nigeria


Home country:        Nigeria
Year of enrolment:  2018
Department:            Drama and Theatre Studies
Supervisor:               Dr Mareli Pretorius
Dissertation title:    Applying indigenous knowledge resources in children's play-crafting in Southern Nigeria: practice-led research using Ibibio folk narratives

2018_Student Profile Photo_KAJOMBO.jpg


Home country:        Malawi
Year of enrolment:  2018
Department:            General Linguistics
Supervisor:              Dr Lauren Mongie and Prof Frenette Southwood
Dissertation title:    Taboo language and women's bodies: a sociolinguistic study of speech codes used in gynecological consultations in Blantyre, Malawi

2018_Student Profile Photo_KAUMA.jpg


Home country:        Zimbabwe
Year of enrolment:  2018
Department:            History
Supervisor:              Prof Sandra Swart
Dissertation title:    A socio-economic and environmental history of small grains in Zimbabwe, c1890 to 2013

2018_Student Profile Photo_KOMBA.jpg


Home country:        Tanzania
PANGeA partner:     University of Dar es Salaam
Year of enrolment:  2018
Department:            History
Supervisors:             Dr Anton Ehlers and Dr Hezron Kangalawe (University of Dar es Salaam)
Dissertation title:    A socio-economic history of coffee production in Mbinga District, Tanzania, c1920 - 2015

2018_Student Profile Photo_KOSGEI.jpg


Home country:       Kenya
PANGeA partner:    University of Nairobi
Year of enrolment:  2018
Department:           English Studies
Supervisor:              Prof Tina Steiner
Co-Supervisor:        Dr Uhuru Phafalala
Dissertation title:   Imaginaries of oceanic histories in oral and written texts from the Kenyan Coast

2018_Student Profile Photo_LESTER.jpgCLAIRE-ANNE LOUISE LESTER

Home country:        South Africa
Year of enrolment:  2018
Department:            Sociology
Supervisor:              Dr Bernard Dubbeld
Dissertation title:    Marikana, state and struggle: official 'truth-seeking' commissions and the legitimation of violence

2018_Student Profile Photo_MEDJO MEDJO.jpgMICHEL MEDJO MEDJO

Home country:       Cameroon
PANGeA partner:    University of Yaoundé I
Year of enrolment:  2018
Department:           Sociology
Supervisor:             Prof Simon Bekker and Prof Philippe Essomba (University of Yaoundé I)
Dissertation title:   L'influence de l'ethnicité dans le commerce frontalier: le cas de la ville de Kyé-Ossi au Cameroun (English: The influence of ethnicity on border trade: the case of the town of Kye-Ossi in Cameroon)

2018_Student Profile Photo_MOUSSI.jpg


Home country:       Cameroon
Year of enrolment: 2018
Department:           Political Science
Supervisor:              Prof Amanda Gouws
Dissertation title:    A critical analysis of the discourse on sexual violence in the Bemba case before the International Criminal Court


Home country:       Tanzania
PANGeA partner:    University of Dar es Salaam
Year of enrolment:  2018
Department:           African Languages
Supervisor:              Prof Marianna Visser
Dissertation title:   Argumentation involving account-giving and self-presentation in the Tanzanian parliament: a pragma-dialectical perception

2018_Student Profile Photo_NKONGE.jpg


Home country:       Uganda
PANGeA partner:    Makerere University
Year of enrolment:  2018
Department:           African Languages
Supervisor:              Prof Marianna Visser
Dissertation title:   The locative in Luganda: a syntax-interfaces approach

2018_Student Profile Photo_NYAKANA.jpg


Home country:       Tanzania
PANGeA partner:     University of Dar es Salaam
Year of enrolment:  2018
Department:           General Linguistics
Supervisor:              Dr Kate Huddlestone and Prof Manne Bylund
Dissertation title:    Multilingual acquisition of determiner phrases in L2 English and L3 French by Swahili speakers in Tanzania

2018_Student Profile Photo_SEBIDIE.jpg​​GODFREY SEBIDIE

Home country:       Botswana
Year of enrolment:  2018
Department:           Social Work
Supervisor:             Dr Marianne Strydom
Dissertation title:   The challenges experienced by unemployed youth graduates in Botswana: an ecological systems perspective