Graduate School
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Drama department

Areas of study for doctoral candidates

  • Autobiographical performance
  • Drama and education
  • Embodiment
  • Oral art, voice and speech
  • Site-specific performance


Music department

Areas of study for doctoral candidates

  • African art music (with focus on South and West Africa)
  • Music aesthetics
  • Music analysis
  • Music and evolutionary theory / Palaeomusicology
  • Music composition
  • South African art music in the European tradition​


Visual Arts department

Areas of study for doctoral candidates

  • Archival studies
  • Critical citizenship
  • Design discourse: in general; illustration and design in particular
  • Drawing education
  • Enactionist cognitivism in drawing
  • Fine Arts discourse: painting, artists' books and photography
  • Gender and performativity
  • Gender and the visual media
  • Habitus and drawing
  • Multiculturalism and art education
  • Nationalism and the visual arts
  • Perception and vision in drawing
  • Phenomology of drawing
  • Photographic discourse
  • Photography
  • Postcolonial studies
  • Queer theory
  • Social responsibility
  • Theories of subjectivity
  • Theory of drawing
  • Trait in drawing
  • Trans studies
  • Visual communication design/graphic design​