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​Status and staff

The Graduate School was originally an organisational structure in the Office of the Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, acting under the direction of the Dean; while the activities of the Graduate School were subject to the oversight of the Faculty Board. In January 2014, the Graduate School was formalised as a Type II Centre in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences with its own OE-code to ensure independence and accountability.

There are currently two permanent staff members employed at the Graduate School:





Ms Tanja Malan

Graduate School Co-ordinator





The Graduate School is governed and controlled by a Board comprising of the following ex officio members: the Dean and all 3 Vice-Deans of the Faculty, and the Chairperson of the Faculty's Higher Degrees and Research Committee. The Board, through its Chairperson, submits a report on the finances, activities and achievements of the Graduate School to the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at least once a year.​


Graduate School Board

Dr Cindy Steenekamp-web_jpg.jpg


CHAIR of the Graduate School Board:

Dr Cindy Lee Steenekamp

Chair: Higher Degrees and Research Committee

Prof Anthony Leysens.jpg


Prof Anthony Leysens

Acting Dean: Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Prof Lize van Robbroeck.jpg


Prof Lize van Robbroeck

Vice-Dean: Arts

Prof Ilse Feinauer2.jpg


Prof Ilse Feinauer

Vice-Dean: Languages

Prof Pieter Fourie.jpg



Prof Pieter Fourie

Vice-Dean: Social Sciences​