Megan Jones

MA (UCT), PhD (Cambridge), Lecturer



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World and Transnational Literatures

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2013: Categories of Persons: Rethinking Ourselves and Others (Johannesburg: Picador Africa)

With Jacob Dlamini, I co-edited a collection of essays exploring new imaginaries of personhood in South Africa.


Township Textualities: Urbanism and Aesthetics in Post-Apartheid.

 Wits University Press has commissioned the manuscript for publication. It is intended for completion by early 2014.




 "Junk Aesthetics from the global South" commissioned and submitted, Journal of Southern African Studies.


"The Train as Motif in Soweto Poetry", The Journal of Commonwealth Literature, published online April 28th, 2016.


"Haunting the Social: Conversing with Ghosts in Redi Tlhabi's Endings and Beginnings", Journal of African Cultural Studies 26.3 (2014)


"Fracture and Selfhood in Jacob Dlamini's Native Nostalgia", African Studies, 73.1 (2014)


 Township Textualities’ Alternation, ‘Race, Power and Indigenous Knowledge Systems, Special Issue (October, 2013)


‘Conspicuous Destruction, Aspiration and Motion in the Contemporary Township’ Safundi: The Journal of South African and American Studies, 14.2 (2013)


‘Cars, Capital and Disorder in Ivan Vladislavic's The Exploded View and Portrait with Keys, Social Dynamics, 37.3 (2012)


‘Black Mobility and Urbanism in Peter Abrahams's Mine Boy, Journal of Southern African Studies, 38.1 (2012)


‘Keeping House: Domesticity and Disorder in Sarah Gertrude Millin's Middle Class and The Jordans, English Studies in Africa, 54.1 (May 2011)




M. Jones and J. Dlamini, ‘Introduction, Categories of Persons (Johannesburg: Picador Africa, 2013)


‘Moving, Categories of Persons (Johannesburg: Picador Africa, 2013)


Commissioned: ‘Cities by the water, cities by the sea: Comparing Creolization in Brazil and South Africa’, The Creole Atlantic and Indian Oceans, Luiz Fernando Rosa Ribeiro, Marina Berthet and Shaun Viljoen (eds).






  • Relocations: Reading Culture in South Africa Review, Chimurenga forthcoming September 2016
  • The Blacks of Cape Town Review, Slipnet, December 2013
  • ‘A Response to Peter Geschiere’ Johannesburg Salon (November 2009).
  • ‘Brothers in Blood Theatre Review’ Johannesburg Salon (November 2009).



Co-editor, with Achille Mbembe, of The Johannesburg Salon