Centre for Applied Eithics
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PhD in Applied Ethics

This is a doctoral programme in applied ethics that requires the writing of a doctoral dissertation that is done under the supervision of a senior academic and that is externally evaluated. It is a two-year programme. It is not necessary to reside in Stellenbosch, in order to enrol for this programme.

Admission requirements:

A Master's degree in philosophy or applied ethics is required, or a Master's degree as well as evidence, to the satisfaction of the department, that the candidate has had significant formal training in philosophy and ethics. Candidates need to write an extensive doctoral proposal that has to be accepted by the Faculty Board.​

Nature of the programme:

The programme consists of the completion of a doctoral dissertation that is the result of independent and original research on a philosophical problem.

Assessment and Examination:

The dissertation is examined internally and externally according to the regulations applicable to the University with regard to the examination of postgraduate qualifications.​