Ancient Studies
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Prof Phlip Bosman

BAHons Greek & Semitic Languages, BD, MA Greek, PhD New Testament studies (Pret), BSc Information Systems (Unisa)


Lecturing specialisation

Ancient Greek; Ancient Greek History; Literature and Culture

Research specialisation

Ancient intellectual traditions (Cynicism); Alexander the Great; imperial Greek literature (Philo, Plutarch, Lucian)

Current research projects

Plutarch's Life of Alexander, Intellectual & Empire in the Greco-Roman World, Ancient Life-writing

Academic service/Community interaction

Chairperson: Classical Association of South Africa
Representative: International Plutarch Society
Editor: (Miscellanea & Supplementa), Acta Classica


NRF rated researcher (B), Unisa Chancellor’s Prize for Excellence in Research (2008, 2012)

Selected publications

  • Forthcoming
    Bosman, P.R. (ed.) Intellectual & Empire in Greco-Roman Antiquity. London: Routledge
  • 2017
    Bosman, P.R. (ed.) Ancient Routes to Happiness. AClass. Suppl. 6. Pretoria: Classical Association of South
    AfricaTailored for school: A comparison of Lucian's Zeus rants and Zeus refuted'. In: Mixis - Le mélange des genres chez Lucien de Samosate, E. Marquis &  A. Billault (eds.). Paris: Demopolis.
    Value-added divination at Dodona. In: Prophets and Profits: Ancient Divination and its Reception, R.J. Evans (ed.). London: Routledge.
    Greeks, Romans, and volks-education in the Afrikaanse Kinderensiklopedie. In: South Africa, Greece and Rome: Classical Confrontations, G. Parker (ed.). Cambridge University Press.
    Ancient Cynicism: Elitist or for the masses? In: Mass & Elite in Antiquity, R.J. Evans (ed.). London: Routledge (2017).         
  • 2016
    The Dodona bronze revisited. Acta Classica 59: 184-192.
  • 2015
    Ancient debates on autarkeia and our global impasse. Phronimon 16: 16-28.