Ancient Studies
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A list of the current doctoral students and their topics:

M Asante

Thesis Title: A rereading of the position of women in Plato's ideal state through the lens of Kwame Gyekye's moderate communitarianism

Supervisor: Prof P Bosman


S Chippendale

Thesis Title: The use and meaning of garlands and wreaths in Ancient Roman art between 200 BC and 79 AD

Supervisor: Dr S Masters


A Dyck

Thesis Title: 'To save' in the Hebrew Bible: A critical assessment of the current state of art in the light of insights from cognitive semantics.

Supervisor: Prof CHJ van der Merwe


EH Engelbrecht

Thesis Title: A Catholic literary response to Arianism during the Vandal kingdom in North Africa

Supervisor: Prof A Kotzé


E Fields

Thesis Title/Area: A Cognitive Linguistics Model for New Testament Discourse Analysis Applied to Selected Lukan Parables

Supervisor: Prof P Bosman


A Martin

Thesis Title/Area: Female poets of the Hellenistic era, with special attention to Erinna

Supervisor: Prof P Bosman


S Matthewson

Thesis Title: The Complementation of האר (r'h) in Biblical Hebrew

Supervisor: Prof CHJ van der Merwe


JC Meyer

Thesis Title: Vergil's Menagerie: Animal imagery in the Aeneid

Supervisor: Dr A de Villiers


JH Park

Thesis Title: The psychagogical function of the topos of anger in Greco-Roman moral philosophy

Supervisor: Prof JC Thom


G Payton

Thesis Title: A cognitive linguistic analysis of the uses of toledoth in the Hebrew Bible – with special reference to its translation in the book of Genesis

Supervisor: Prof CHJ van der Merwe with Prof E Wendland as co-supervisor


BC Polson

Thesis Title: Cleopatra through the eyes of men: An ideology critique of Cleopatra VII from a feminist narratological perspective

Supervisor: Prof A Kotzé


D Sigrist

Thesis Title: Text as scribal product

Supervisor: Prof Gideon Kotze (NWU) with Prof CHJ van der Merwe as co-supervisor


DE Stein

Thesis Title: Assessing the extent of relational meaning of the noun ʾīš in Biblical Hebrew

Supervisor: Prof CHJ van der Merwe


A Swart

Thesis Title: The Apadana reliefs at Persepolis: An iconographic analysis

Supervisor: Prof I Cornelius


T Welman

Thesis Title: Orphan artefacts: Investigating the place of classical objects in the Iziko collection, Cape Town

Supervisor: Dr S Masters


T Witthoff

Thesis Title: The relationships of the senses of nephesh in the Hebrew Bible: A cognitive linguistic perspective

Supervisor: Prof CHJ van der Merwe