African Institute for ATLAS.ti
Welcome to Stellenbosch University

Mission & Goals

The AIA will provide the following support to members:

  1. Provide updated information on training sessions - all courses offered by the AIA will be advertised on the ATLAS.ti home page at as well as through a link from the ADA webpage
  2. Assist with the bulk buying of student licenses for University of Stellenbosch students, AIA members who qualify for this (who have proof of student registration)
  3. Assistance and facilitation of accreditation of trainers who will be accredited by ATLAS.ti, Berlin
  4. On-line support for simple analysis queries (technical and more complex queries will be referred to the electronic support offered by ATLAS.ti, Berlin)
  5. Provision of on-line examples of work done by members of the AIA
  6. On-line discussion groups
  7. Skype sessions