SUNStudent Blueprint workshops lead to huge excitement and interesting discussions

The SUNStudent Bucket 2 Blueprint workshops that included the financial aid, student fees and student loans capabilities took place from Monday 12 August to Friday 23 August.  These workshops kicked off with the distinctive “popcorn and demonstration" sessions, followed by very insightful conversations between the Serosoft facilitators and the SU delegates who attended the workshops. As for Bucket 1, the workshops were again excellently planned by Jan du Toit and his team, and the attendees thoroughly enjoyed the interactive facilitation of the workshops by Sid Badjatiya from Serosoft.

The participants were astonished with Serosoft's knowledge regarding the Bucket 2 capabilities.  They especially found the global perspective and the exposure to worldwide best practices very interesting.

​The respective capabilities were discussed in the minutest detail. Sid Badjatiya and his team from Serosoft, Hitesh Gawhade and Ankur Jain, ensured that they gain a very good understanding of the current University processes.  Excellent preparation and in-depth questions by Serosoft contributed to their understanding of SU processes.

These workshops afford Stellenbosch University the opportunity to think innovatively and to look at its processes with fresh eyes. The attendees commented afterwards that they especially found the sharing of knowledge between different environments – which included faculties, as well as the professional and support services - very insightful. 


The outcome of the Blueprint workshops is a blueprint document that is compiled by Serosoft. This document is then shared with the University for further study and verification. The blueprint documents for the Bucket 1 workshops have already been shared and the verification process is underway. The detail with regards to the blueprint document sign-off process will be made available on the SUNStudent webpage in due course.

Important points that need further discussion and decision making are highlighted during the Blueprint workshops. These points are minuted and referred to the SUNStudent Project Committee for further action. Matters that need even further discussion, decisive answers and/or decision making are referred to the SUNStudent Steering Committee for attention or escalation to decision-making structures as applicable.


What happens next on the SUNStudent project?

  • The Bucket 3 Blueprint workshops take place from Monday 7 October to Friday 18 October (schedule below)​
  • Pre-Blueprint workshop change management sessions are conducted during the week of 1 October for delegates who have not attended any of these sessions before. Important information with regards to the Blueprint workshops is shared at these sessions.
  • Communication and invitations with regard to the pre-Blueprint change management sessions, as well as to the Blueprint workshops will be sent to all stakeholders in due course.

Bucket 3 capabilities include the following:

  • Registration
  • Academic record maintenance
  • Co-curricular information
  • Examination concessions
  • Postgraduate management
  • Programme progression of students
  • Re-admissions (evaluation of students to continue their studies)
  • Assessment and capturing of marks
  • Thesis management
  • SUN-i

Communication to the SU community is very important to the SUNStudent team. We are extremely excited to announce that a SUNStudent website will be available soon! You will receive communication as soon as the website is live!

There is a vast amount of questions being asked about the SUNStudent project at this stage.  These questions are very important and touches on numerous themes.  The project team is currently compiling a FAQ list that will be made available soon.  Communication in this regard will be distributed as soon as possible.

We also want to encourage you to send any SUNStudent queries to the SUNStudent project email address at:  sunstudent@sun.ac.za

​We are looking forward to welcoming you at the Bucket 3 Blueprint workshops!

​​​Buck​et 3 Blueprint workshop​ schedule​​

BP 3 Daily schedule.jpg