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Moving to South Africa- Immigration and Health Cover



Moving is regarded as one of the most stressful life events a person can experience, especially when moving abroad to an unfamiliar​ environment. At SU International, we would like to assist you in making this transition as smooth as possible by providing some basic information to assist you. The HR consultant who facilitated your appointment will be able to provide  you with the  specific details of the support SU will give you in terms of your physical move to South Africa.  .Things to consider before your move are listed below:

Permits and Visa's

All international staff must have a valid visa to work at Stellenbosch University (SU). The visa needs to be obtained before you travel to South Africa. Once your move to South Africa is confirmed, contact your nearest South African High Commission for information on the application process and supporting documents required. This process can be a lengthy one, especially if one has to apply for visas for an entire family. It is our recommendation that you start early with this process, even if it is only for enquiring about the documents needed. Sometimes documents needed, also have an application process that can take several weeks. 

If you have any visa related questions you can contact SU International after you have spoken to your nearest South African High Commission or Embassy:

Medical Cover

​It's usually mandatory to provide proof of medical insurance if you apply for any visa to South Africa. You will be required you to produce proof of medical insurance cover from a provider registered with the South African Council for Medical Schemes in terms of the Medical Schemes Act, 1998. 

  • Staff are on Discovery medical aid and your HR Practitioner will provide more details and plan options for your perusal.​

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