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Global Education Centre


​The Global Education Centre (GEC) uses co-curricular (short courses through the Frederik Van Zyl Slabbert Institute for Student Leadership Development) and curricular interventions to develop and implement internationalisation-at-home and global learning initiatives. The aim is to help develop SU's graduate attributes in our students and enhance their employability, whilst supporting teaching and learning environments as required. 

To support, promote and enable short-term international student mobility, the GEC manages:

  • winter and summer schools and short programmes;
  • non-degree incoming and outgoing student exchanges;
  • Study Abroad students/Freemovers/affiliates (research);
  • semester welcome and orientation programmes; and
  • student integration programmes.

It also collaborates with local community agencies such as schools and community development organisations to promote community engagement. This is one of the principal vehicles to drive home the message that SU students are part of a broader community – not only at a local and regional level, but globally as well.