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Centre for Partnerships and Internationalisation Support


The centre provides support to internal and external stakeholders to develop and formalise bilateral and multilateral partnerships through formal agreements, supports activities to ensure comprehensive internationalisation, such as enabling staff mobility (through mobility grants), supporting the coordination of international conferences and events, supporting faculty exchanges (including support services for international staff), acts as the university’s consular and embassy liaison and coordinates our participation in higher education and research networks. In particular the centre: 

    • Hosts the secretariat for the Institutional Advisory Committee for Internationalisation (IACI) which is a representative committee on internationalisation from across the faculties and support environments
    • Coordinates the Working Group for Partnership Development- a representative committee responsible for processing partner requests and formalising partner agreements
    • Is responsible for information management for partnership development (development of the Integrated Information System for Internationalisation)
    • Coordinates the annual Stellenbosch International Academic Network (SIAN) meeting
    • Coordinates the SU engagement in Multilateral networks and consortia beyond Africa
    • Administers Erasmus staff exchanges, PASS mobility exchanges, the BRICS Collaboration Grant (BCG), and the International Collaboration Mobility Grant (ICMG)
    • Supports Higher Education Capacity Development Projects with an Internationalisation element e.g Erasmus Capacity Development in HE Projects
    • Provides a support platform and services for the integration of new international staff.
    • Liaison with international education organisations and the Diplomatic Corps
    • Responsible for SU International Communication and Liaison​