African Doctoral Academy
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Online Learning Guide

The four week long Online Doctoral School aims to offer high impact research design and methodology training, as well as options in academic preparedness and career development. The Schools are open to doctoral candidates (current and prospective), their supervisors and researchers in general.

Format: It is very important to note that these courses are presented and planned as full day courses with synchronous and asynchronous sessions. We recommend that you take leave from your daily work and other responsibilities to have enough free time to attend the classes and complete the asynchronous sessions and homework submissions as required by your presenters. Please note that Teaching in the digital world and Supervising the PhD by Publication are designed to be largely asynchronous sessions, please check their Workshop Information page​ for more details. The introductory workshop on Research publication and presentation will take place over four afternoons. ​Your attendance will be monitored to ensure that you meet/reach the requirements for subsequent certification.
Your role: You will also be responsible for pacing yourself through the workshops when busy with the prescribed exercises, synchronous sessions, and/or group work, and will have to be able to keep up. Below we mention the estimated contact time required per session. These exclude morning and afternoon tea and lunch breaks.

Members of the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) can now apply for CPD points of 30 per week, and a maximum of 30 per school.

​All lectures are scheduled to South African Standard Time (SAST; GMT+2).