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Results from recent MSc study provides design values for SA Pine CLT
Author: Prof Brand Wessels
Published: 17/02/2023

​​​​Mr MJ Jacobs (centre) successfully defended his MSc thesis with the title 'Out-of-plane strength and stiffness prediction of SA Pine cross-laminated timber'. The most important conclusion was that the shear analogy method gave the best predictions for strength and stiffness of SA Pine cross laminated timber (CLT). A table of unfactored resistance for three-, and five-layer layups using South African strength classes was produced and structural engineers in South Africa can use that table for designing CLT buildings from SA Pine.  Since submitting his thesis, MJ has worked at XLAM South Africa and has now been appointed as Director at Holzbau CPT where he was responsible for setting up a new local glulam factory. MJ is pictured here with Mr Michael Kloos (left), a structural engineer who often designs CLT buildings, and his supervisor Prof. Brand Wessels (right). The future for CLT looks bright and we wish MJ well as he embarks on his career! ​​