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“My scientific training determines the way I approach my work at Ceres Fruit Growers”
Author: Laura van Laeren (Faculty of Science: Media and Communication)
Published: 29/06/2022

“At Stellenbosch University you get pushed to master large volumes of work and to relay that in a meaningful manner. In whatever career you follow, this will be in your favor." – Elani van As, BSc-graduate in molecular biology and biotechnology (2009) and LLB (2012).

Elani van As currently works for Ceres Fruit Growers as an Informational Officer in the Producer Services Department. She studied at Stellenbosch University, obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology in 2009. She subsequently completed her LLB at SU in 2012.

“Ceres Fruit Growers is a producer-owned company where producers deliver apples and pears (pome fruit) to be packed. We have four pack houses on site and service around 30 farming units of our own. The pome fruit is marketed by Tru-Cape Fruit Marketing (Pty) Ltd. We also pack fruit from marketers such as CORE and The Fruit Route," Elani explains.

“I work in the Producer Services Department, where we deal directly with the producers. My manager is an agricultural economist and I provide administrative support to him. My job entails a lot of data gathering and processing. I am also the link between the producers on one side, and the pack house and marketer on the other side, as the producers need to comply with audits and requirements in order to export their fruit to certain markets."

Elani says she enjoys working with data, as she likes working within a structure and is very detail orientated. She also finds it very satisfying to be able to assist producers and third parties with information quickly, providing support, especially during the picking season (January to May), when producers are very busy.

In her current position, Elani doesn't use her degrees directly on a daily basis, but her scientific training determines the way she approaches her work and has given her the underlying skills to be successful at what she does. “I think that whatever you study at Stellenbosch University is beneficial to your future. In my experience one gets molded by learning ways of thinking and approaching difficult subjects and/or scenarios. You get pushed to master large volumes of work and to relay that in a meaningful manner. In whatever career you follow this will be in your favor. I would recommend that prospective students with a love of science to do proper research about all the different fields one can enter before enrolling, there are so many options available to you."

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​On the photo: Elani van As. Photo supplied