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​​​​​​​​​​​The CHS Physiotherapy Practice renders services to the University's student and staff population, as well as the general public.  We are the recommended service provider to all of the Matie's Sporting Codes and work in collaboration with the University's Physiotherapy Department where we are also involved with the teaching and supervision of physiotherapy undergraduate students.

Our programs and services include:


           Sport Injury 



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Acute and Chro​nic Treatments
​We manage and treat various orthopaedic, neurological and respiratory conditions. Ranging from general health c​onditions to acute and chronic injuries. Different treatment modalities are used to address each patient's specific needs, including:

  • Manual therapy
  • Dry n​eedling
  • Electrotherapy
  • Exercise prescription
  • Chest physiotherapy 

Sports Injury Management 

​This specialised program involves the treatment and prevention of all sport and exercise related inuries. We cater for the needs of all recreational, high-performance and elite athletes. Aspects of this program include:

  • Strapping services
  • Musculoskeletal screening
  • Implementing injury specific rehabilitation programs
  • Referral to our partners at the Stellenbosch University Biokinetics Centre
  • Collaboration with the Campus Health Service Sports Medicine program and ISE​M Sports Injury Clinic ​

Post-concus​sion Program

In conjunction with the management of sports-related concussion at Campus Health Service, we form part of a multidisciplinary team that is able to assist in the management of prolonged symptoms following concussion. We specifically address:

Campus S​pecific Programs

​Our main focus on campus is the health and well-being of our staff and students. This is achieved through the folowing initiatives: 

  • Physiotherapy services for Health4Me patients (previously OCSA) 
  • Occupational health injuries (WCA cases) / IOD (Injury on Duty)
  • Ergonomics (exercise prescription/intervention, education that is advice based)
  • Management of back and neck pain​ during exams
  • Health promotion and educational talks