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​Department of Psychology : Undergraduate Module Coordinator:  Dr Hermann Swart

Psychology as a Science (114) - (1st semester)
Co-ordinator:  Dr Bronwyne Coetzee

This module is an introduction to psychology both as a science and a profession, with specific emphasis on psychological issues that are relevant in the South African context. Psychology is positioned at the convergence of a number of traditions of research and practice, including biological, philosophical and pragmatic traditions. This introductory module provides students with a base from which further study in the discipline can be approached.

Psychology in Context (144)
- (2nd semester)
Co-ordinator:  Ms Rizwana Roomaney

In this module the basic principles in psychology are applied in order to understand the person in context, with particular  reference to core social issues and challenges facing South African society.

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Approaches to Psychological Theories of the person (213) - (1st term)
Co-ordinator: Prof Desmond Painter

This module addresses psychological theories and views of the person with reference to important contemporary approaches. Some of these theories may include systematic, psychodynamic, behavioral, cognitive and existential components, with consideration of the applicability of psychological theories to African contexts.

Human Development (223)
- (2nd term)
Co-ordinator: Prof Helene Loxton

In this module human development is studied, with specific reference to the South African context.

Research Design in Psychology (243) - (3rd term)
Co-ordinator: Dr Zuhayr Kafaar

This module will equip students with knowledge and skills to evaluate the scientific literature in psychology. The module covers the core theoretical elements of both quantitative and qualitative research methodology using examples of current psychological issues.

Data analysis in Psychology (253) - (4th term)
Co-ordinator: Dr Bronwynè Coetzee

This module focuses on the statistical procedures that are commonly used in psychological research. The module will equip students with knowledge and skills to analyse quantitative  data and to interpret statistical results.

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Psychopatholgy 314 - (1st quarter)
Co-ordinator: Me M Salie

In this module abnormal behaviour is studied, from different perspectives and classification systems with specific reference to the mental health context in South Africa.

Social Psychology 324- (2nd quarter)
Co-ordinator: Dr H Swart

In this module, theoretical and methodological developments in contemporary social psychology are presented. Social relationships and identity are investigated with reference to social categories like sex, race, etnicity and sexual orientation, with emphasis on the South African context.

Psychological Interventions (348) - (2nd semester)
Co-ordinator:  Dr SB Van Wyk 

Psychologists operate in a range of contexts, from individual psychotherapies to community interventions. This module critically discusses the principles behind the contributions psychologists make to human health, development and individual and collective well-being, with specific reference to health and mental health context in contemporary South Africa.